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The Chenot Method & Henri Chenot

  • "You need to live in harmony with yourself to be in optimal health."

    We are all living longer, so we should make it our mission to maintain a fully active lifestyle while reducing the risk of ill health and associated age-related chronic diseases. We should invest in our physical and mental health from the earliest possible point in our lifetime. 

    Our constant commitment, in Chenot, is to help your body to reset, recover and reach its optimum both physically and mentally. We will also guide you on how to assess, prioritise and integrate the right lifestyle choices for you and how to convert them into beneficial outcomes for your wellbeing. It is a commitment that we aim to fulfil with pride, professional care, and team spirit.

The Chenot Method®

The Chenot Method® is a powerful, effective and personalized array of protocols, treatments and diet plans developed by a team of experts in almost fifty years of research and professional experience. The Chenot Method® activates the body’s almost endless ability and power to heal itself, strengthen its defence mechanism and prevent disease. It renews and rejuvenates the body and mind, for a life full of wellness and vitality. The Chenot Method® combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in Western medicine. It is unique in its application in that, it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. The body, in turn, responds by building up its own internal medicine and by regaining energy, functional capacity, inner harmony and preserves them over a long period of time.

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The Chenot Method® looks with scientific accuracy at an important array of biomarkers within the body. These are known as the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® and allow the personalisation of your treatment plan. They also assess what is impacting your ageing process from your lifestyle and they also determine your Vitality Index. The Vitality Index is our monitoring and marker system. It measures your vitality status. Think of it as your sophisticated wellness score.


The Founding Father of the Wellness Movement

Henri Chenot - Catalan by birth but French by adoption studied biology and later focusing on psychology, Chinese medicine and naturopathy. Known for his revolutionary approach to preventative healthcare, he opened his first Centre at Cannes Polyclinic in 1974 and began travelling around Europe to illustrate to other scientists his idea of preventative healthcare, stressing, that certain lifestyle choices accumulate to a build-up of toxins that lead to degenerative diseases. His revolutionary approach to health wellness led to the development of his concept of Biontology (the science of living) and the prominent Chenot Method® of rebalancing the physiology of the body, that is implemented in all the Chenot Centres, as the core approach.


We will guide you on a journey of rediscovery and bring harmony to body and mind with natural treatments designed by the team of experts.

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