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Detox – Energize – Perform - 7 points to reset your body

July 30, 2020

Just a few weeks ago Chenot Palace in Weggis opened its door. It is the latest flagship Retreat and now headquarter of the Chenot Group. Its founder Henri Chenot developed the famous Chenot Method®. It combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the most modern scientific knowledge in Western medicine. The Chenot Method® activates the body’s self-healing powers. Programs individually tailored to the guest should regenerate the body and mind through detoxing and energetic treatments.

Dr. George Gaitanos, Scientific Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Chenot Group developed especially for The Chenot Palace in Weggis for the first time rooms with a sleeping technology, where acoustics, light and bed linen technologies have been scientifically combined with the interior to create a natural sleeping environment that provides a truly restful sleep.
The combination of Western and Eastern medicine practices is ideal to create specialized detox, preventive and regenerative treatments which are consistent throughout your stay.

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