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'I stayed at one of the world's most exclusive health retreats'

February 10, 2023

It’s day three of my stay at Chenot Palace Weggis, and I can safely say I have never felt quite so at peace. Dubbed the ‘world’s best wellness and detox retreat’, the resort is like nothing I have ever experienced. I’ll admit I was apprehensive at first: every guest is expected to commit to a stringent week-long programme, and existing reviews suggested it wouldn’t be easy.

They spoke of calorie restriction, no caffeine, smothering yourself in mud, getting blasted with high-pressure water jets, exposing yourself to sub-zero temps, and cutting off your oxygen. I know. Most of you are probably already considering closing this tab, but stick with me.

After 50 years of research, every part of the Chenot Method is planned with intention, and the purpose behind the abovementioned treatments is to inflict a state of hormesis: a favourable adaptive response in your cells and organisms that brings about a moderate level of stress, to increase protection against subsequent exposure.

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