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My Chenot Journey - HER/etiquette.

January 12, 2021

A Next Level Approach To Detox And Holistic Well-Being

My Chenot Journey

That our health is the greatest luxury we have, I already knew, when I started my detox week and energizing program at Chenot Palace Weggis. But what I’ve learned during my Chenot journey is, to re-discover myself from an energetic perspective. It’s actually not our health, but our energy which is the greater and most important luxury of life – because that determines everything we do, think, and who we are – and ultimately how our lives evolve.

Our energy batteries have to be full and regularly re-charged in order for us to function, to thrive and to be well, no matter the circumstances. This is a holistic process, that involves our mind, our body and our soul. All these have to be in harmony for us to live a happy, healthy and successful life.

It is very special, what aha-moments you encounter during your week with Chenot, by...

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