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Reset Your Body And Mind At Ultimate Swiss Chenot Palace Weggis

January 19, 2021

What can you expect during your stay?

A team of medical experts wonderfully dedicated to your personal needs and care led by the kindest Dr George Gaitanos, Chief Operating and Scientific Officer. “We are very proud of our flagship property in Weggis, hard work, scientific research and dedication to perfect the Chenot method allow us to offer our guests a complete lifestyle reset” pointed out Dr Gaitanos. “At Chenot we don't treat disease, we treat wellness” he added.

After a week at Chenot Palace Weggis, your body and mind will be totally regenerated. Your body will be switched off on the arrival and on again when you leave. Your mental and physical performance will be unlocked. You will sleep better and deeper, feel cleaner, and get revitalized and energized.

Whichever program you opt for: advanced detox, recovering and energizing program or prevention and ageing well program, you will start with an in-depth medical and nutritional consultation along with the tailored diagnosis. The goal is to understand each guest’s current state of well being to tailor the program. To get this, your Chenot Lifestyle biomarkers will be measured and the results will define your diet and the treatments for the week ahead.

Obvisouly, you will eat the Chenot diet in the restaurant and Tea lounge in an enchanting and pure decor. Get breakfast and lunch in your bathrobe and get dressed for dinner. The diet plan is designed to support detoxification processes, stimulate your metabolic efficiency, promote respiration mechanisms. Of course, switch from caffeine to plenty of herbal and organic green blends and teas. The meals-very tasty and flavoured- are reduced on calories but definitely without malnutrition. And again tailored to your program.

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