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Review: Chenot Palace Weggis

January 31, 2023

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Perched alongside Lake Lucerne, this ultra-lux Swiss medical spa draws clientele from around the world, offering its signature Chenot Method® treatment programs in an elegant, serene setting. They take a scientific approach to wellness—after a week it shows in your skin’s dewy glow.

Set the scene
Chenot Palace is located in Weggis, a sleepy town at the foot of the Alps where you’ll find a few Swiss-chalet-style lodges and even fewer restaurants. Guests embarking on a detox program (a meager 850-calorie daily diet) will encounter little temptation. From Middle-Eastern royalty to affluent British couples on a health kick to certain beloved Swiss pro tennis players, Chenot guests run the gamut. Plush white robes, the typical attire from breakfast to dinner, are the great equalizer.

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