Chenot Palace Weggis | Single Executive

Single Executive

Our spacious and comfortably furnished Single Executive rooms are in the romantic old building and in the new wooden building. Windows, balconies or terraces invite you to enjoy unspoiled nature at your doorstep. Our Single Executive rooms offer also a sofa or armchairs within the sitting area.

Room specification
  • Between 48 and 56 sqm
  • King size bed (200 x 200 cm)
  • Rooms differ in layout and size due to historic old- and new wooden building
  • max. 1 guest
Single Executive Single_Executive_Room_253.jpg
Single Executive Single_executive_Room_452.jpg
Single Executive Chenot_Palace_Single_Executive_Room_504_Min.jpg
Single Executive Chenot-Palace-Weggis_Suite_Rooftop.jpg
Single Executive Chenot-Palace-Weggis_Double-Twin-Deluxe-Bathroom.jpg

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