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Medical Department


Medical Consultation

A medical doctor will review your current health status and medical history, will discuss your personal needs and goals, and will prescribe you with all the necessary treatments to detoxify your body and promote your health and wellbeing. At the end of the programme our expert team of doctors will provide you with all the required lifestyle modifications that will improve your wellbeing.

Nutritional Consultation

Based on anthropometric, metabolic and diet related data dietician determines your nutritional status and conducts an in-depth analysis of your daily diet needs. The purpose is to highlight any nutritional deficiencies in your diet and to help restore your overall health and wellbeing.

Bio-energetic check-up

This involves a state-of-the art hi-tech bio-energetic screening of the body’s vital functions through Resonance Analysis Technology. It provides information about the energetic state of the internal organs and body functions in relation to defined parameters of health. Gaining insight and information into the guest’s needs, an effective personalised treatment plan is prescribed to restore the energy balance of the body.

Laboratory Diagnostic Tests

A complete series of blood, urine and saliva tests and analysis are available, focusing particularly on inflammatory biomarkers, food intolerances, allergies, neurotransmitters, hormones, vitamins, free radicals, minerals and heavy metals. Specialists evaluate the results and treatments are given when required.

Food Intolerance Tests

This test is designed to detect food intolerances that can cause inflammation of the bowel and numerous other problems throughout the body. People with chronic health problems, indigestion and flatulence, weight and skin problems might well benefit from testing as shifting to a new diet plan may solve the problem.

Oxidative Stress Assessment

This innovative diagnostic test measures the level of biological oxidation in the body against the efficacy of its own antioxidant defence systems to balance the presence of oxidised toxic compounds. When this balance is upset, a condition known as oxidative stress, cellular damage and the ageing process can be greatly accelerated. The test offers optimising antioxidant treatment, monitoring its efficacy and just as importantly, avoiding the damaging effects of antioxidant misuse.

Arterial Stiffness Assessment

This non-invasive test provides an accurate and user independent method for measuring arterial function and assessing vascular ageing. This is achieved through measurements of the stiffness of the arteries, central blood pressure and pulse wave reflection returning from the arteries to the heart. The test is as simple as a blood pressure measurement and allows for individual treatments.

Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

This highly technological diagnostic test measures the tissue accumulation of advanced glycation end products in the tissues in real time. These products play a key role in the development of age-related chronic diseases. Protein glycation is a widely acknowledged factor in aging. It affects blood vessels, vital organs, alters skin quality and is responsible for sunspots, cataracts, etc. The detection of increased AGEs enables appropriate treatments and to prescribe lifestyle modifications including a diet plan to break the bonds that connect proteins and sugars.

Minerals and Heavy Metals Analysis

This revolutionary non-invasive method is used to detect the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metals that exist within the tissues in real time. Re-mineralization treatments and chelation procedures are implemented to detoxify the body.

Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment

This is a high-sensitive ultrasound method which measures the quality and quantity of the thickness of the skin and connective tissue. It provides information about the actual age of the skin but also reflects the overall condition of connective tissue which is essential for the body’s integrity. These results allow for targeted medical, medical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.


Chenot Bio-Energetic Treatment

This consists of administering supportive personalised bioenergetics signals through laser conductivity points on the body to assist the restoration of its energetic balance. It also offers a non-invasive cellular stimulation that promotes rejuvenation cellular processes.

Hydro-Colon Treatment

This treatment consists of irrigating the large intestine (colonic irrigation) to flush out impurities from the colon and toxins, boost the energy levels and enhance the immune system.